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Solder   /sˈɑdər/   Listen

An alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces.

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"Solder" Quotes from Famous Books

... journeyman himself, In grimy hand he gripes A candle-end, and 'neath the sink Explores the frozen pipes. His furnace portable he lights With smoking wads of news- Papers, and smiles to see within The pot the solder fuse. He gives his fiat: "They are froze Down about sixteen feet; If you want water ere July You must dig up the street." "Practical Plumber" now is he, As witnesseth his sign, And ready now to ...
— Humour of the North • Lawrence J. Burpee

... cylinder was made by a whitesmith, of hammered iron soldered together, but having used quicksilver to keep the cylinder air-tight, it dropped through the inequalities into the interior, and "played the devil with the solder." Yet, inefficient though the whitesmith was, Watt could ill spare him, and we find him writing to Dr. Roebuck almost in despair, saying, "My old white-iron man is dead!" feeling his loss to be almost ...
— Industrial Biography - Iron Workers and Tool Makers • Samuel Smiles

... stops the leaks with her own solder, called blood-clot, which forms in the cut ends of blood tubes and corks them or seals them up until a scar forms ...
— Manual of Military Training - Second, Revised Edition • James A. Moss

... Tammie had done his utmost trying to make him look like his betters; till, my conscience checking me for such a nefarious intention, I endeavoured, as became me in the relations of man, merchant, and Christian, to solder the matter peaceably, and show him, if there was a fault committed, that there was no evil intention on my side of the house. To this end I dispatched the bit servant wench, on the Friday afternoon, to deliver the ...
— The Life of Mansie Wauch - Tailor in Dalkeith, written by himself • David Macbeth Moir

... shocking act was done I have passed through—it was an English one. The scene, a Tinsmith's shop, where several men Were wont to work, and all were present then. A monster man two solder-irons took, Made them quite hot, and, with a fiendish look, Went right behind the boy, and on each side The heated irons to his face applied! The youth saw one, his head aside he threw, Received a burn, before his fate he knew; He quickly turned it then ...
— The Emigrant Mechanic and Other Tales In Verse - Together With Numerous Songs Upon Canadian Subjects • Thomas Cowherd

... is first used to solder up all the cracks, flaws, and irregularities about the hive. A coat is then spread over the inside throughout; when the hive is full, and many bees cluster outside, the latter part of summer, a coat of it is ...
— Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained • M. Quinby

... is made by inserting the point in the end of the arrow, wrapping with copper wire, and getting a tinner to drop some solder at the end to fasten the wire and awl-point firmly together. The awl-point ...
— Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls • Anonymous

... and draw off into containers which can be tightly corked or otherwise closed. Jugs or demijohns are best, but tin cans will serve if occasionally inspected for leaks which may occur after a time through the action of the solution upon the solder of the can. ...
— Special Report on Diseases of Cattle • U.S. Department of Agriculture

... away. One side had become unsoldered from the ends and the bottom also was hanging loose. With a full heart, I grasped the treasure and put it where we could often see it. Long afterwards, Harry Huff kindly offered to repair it; and the solder that still holds it together is also regarded as a ...
— The Expedition of the Donner Party and its Tragic Fate • Eliza Poor Donner Houghton

... du prefet lui-meme!... car vraiment vous avez pense a tout, genereux ami, meme a l'equiper!... et a le solder ... temoin ces vingt-cinq louis[190] que je suis chargee de vous rendre.... (Allant les prendre sur la table.) Car lui donner des honoraires pour vous tromper ...
— Bataille De Dames • Eugene Scribe and Ernest Legouve

... to my lord. The Jove of power make me, most weak, most weak, Your reconciler! Wars 'twixt you twain would be As if the world should cleave, and that slain men Should solder ...
— Antony and Cleopatra • William Shakespeare [Collins edition]

... vegetables on a sand pile. They waste nothing. What is rubbish to a Christian, a Chinaman carefully preserves and makes useful in one way or another. He gathers up all the old oyster and sardine cans that white people throw away, and procures marketable tin and solder from them by melting. He gathers up old bones and turns them into manure. In California he gets a living out of old mining claims that white men have abandoned as exhausted and worthless—and then the officers come down on him once a month with an exorbitant swindle ...
— Innocents abroad • Mark Twain

... again charged, Bunce, with having sold to Colonel Blundell a coffee-pot and two tin cups, all of which went to pieces—the solder melting off at the very sight ...
— Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia • William Gilmore Simms

... dear one and lining with his memories those burial planks, could not bear up against this strange reminder. His strength gave way; he was not able to lift the lead, and the plumber, seeing this, came with him, and offered to accompany him to the house and solder the last sheet when the body had ...
— The Celibates - Includes: Pierrette, The Vicar of Tours, and The Two Brothers • Honore de Balzac

... your affairs and see as they were all right, which they are not, ma'am. There's the rain pipes along the roof of the house leaking so the cistern never gets full of water, and I must come and solder them right away, and the lightning reds ...
— Ishmael - In the Depths • Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth

... the darkness, climb a telegraph-post, cut a wire, and apply the two ends to his tongue, to taste, at the fatal moment, the words, "Died at half past ten." Poor Langenzunge! he hardly had nerve to solder the wire again. Cogs told me that they had just fitted up the Naguadavick stations with Bain's chemical revolving disc. This disc is charged with a salt of potash, which, when the electric spark passes through it, is changed ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 2, Issue 12, October, 1858 • Various

... mean it: with tin and solder, and then I try brass and turning. I have a regular workshop, you know, with a small forge and anvil. Can ...
— The Vast Abyss - The Story of Tom Blount, his Uncles and his Cousin Sam • George Manville Fenn

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