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self 1
self 2
self abased
self abasement
self abasing
self abhorrence
self abnegation
self abuse
self accused
self acting
self action
self active
self activity
self adjusting
self admiration
self affairs
self affrighted
self aggrandizement
self annihilated
self annihilation
self applause
self applying
self approving
self asserting
self assertion
self assertive
self assumed
self assured
self banished
self begotten
self binder
self born
self centration
self centred
self centring
self charity
self color
self colored
self command
self commune
self communicative
self communion
self complacency
self complacent
self conceit
self conceited
self concern
self condemnation
self confidence
self confident
self conjugate
self conscious
self consciousness
self considering
self consistency
self consistent
self consuming
self contained
self contained underwater breathing apparatus
self contradiction
self contradictory
self control
self convicted
self conviction
self created
self culture
self deceit
self deceived
self deception
self defence
self defense
self defensive
self degradation
self delation
self delusion
self denial
self denying
self dependent
self depending
self depraved
self destroyer
self destruction
self destructive
self determination
self determining
self devised
self devoted
self devotement
self devotion
self devouring
self diffusive
self discipline
self distrust
self educated