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genus calluna
genus calocarpum
genus calocedrus
genus calochortus
genus calophyllum
genus calopogon
genus calosoma
genus caltha
genus calvatia
genus calycanthus
genus calycophyllum
genus calymmatobacterium
genus calypso
genus calystegia
genus camassia
genus cambarus
genus camelina
genus camellia
genus camelus
genus campanula
genus campephilus
genus camponotus
genus camptosorus
genus campyloneurum
genus campylorhynchus
genus canachites
genus cananga
genus canangium
genus canavalia
genus cancer
genus candida
genus canella
genus canis
genus canna
genus cannabis
genus cantharellus
genus capella
genus capparis
genus capra
genus caprella
genus capreolus
genus capricornis
genus caprimulgus
genus capros
genus capsella
genus capsicum
genus caragana
genus caranx
genus carassius
genus carcharhinus
genus carcharias
genus carcharodon
genus cardamine
genus cardiospermum
genus cardium
genus carduelis
genus carduus
genus caretta
genus carex
genus cariama
genus carica
genus carissa
genus carlina
genus carnegiea
genus carpenteria
genus carphophis
genus carpinus
genus carpobrotus
genus carpocapsa
genus carpodacus
genus carthamus
genus carum
genus carya
genus caryocar
genus caryota
genus casmerodius
genus cassia
genus cassiope
genus castanea
genus castanopsis
genus castanospermum
genus castilleia
genus castilleja
genus castor
genus castoroides