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flit - florence nightingale
florentine - flowering
flowering almond - fluorescent dye
fluorescent fixture - fly rod
fly sheet - focussing
fodder - folk tale
folk writer - food turner
food waste - footrest
footslog - forceful
forcefully - foreign legion
foreign minister - forficate
forficula - former
former armed forces - fortran
fortran compiler - foster home
foster mother - four party
four petaled - foxtail millet
foxtail orchid - francesco petrarca
franche comte - frankfurt
frankfurt on the main - freak
freak out - free radical
free range - fregatidae
freight - frequence
frequency - friedrich anton mesmer
friedrich august kekule - fringilla montifringilla
fringillidae - from the heart
from time to time - frowzy
frozen - fucked up
fucker - full clad
full complement - fumitory family
fun - fungus kingdom
fungus order - further
further - fyodor mikhailovich dostoevsky
fyodor mikhailovich dostoyevsk - gage
gaggle - galileo galilei
galina sergeevna ulanova - galvanic
galvanic battery - gamma aminobutyric acid
gamma globulin - garand
garand rifle - gargantua
gargantuan - gas cooled reactor
gas discharge lamp - gasterophilidae
gasterophilus - gaucher s disease
gaucherie - gazpacho
gazump - gemmiferous
gemmule - generally
generally accepted accounting - genoise
genome - genus acanthurus
genus acanthus - genus albula
genus alca - genus aneides
genus anemia - genus arctostaphylos
genus arctotis - genus avena
genus averrhoa - genus borassus
genus borrelia - genus callorhinus
genus calluna - genus castoroides
genus casuarina - genus charadrius
genus charina - genus clathrus
genus claviceps - genus cortinarius
genus corvus - genus cyon
genus cyperus - genus dictostylium
genus dictyophera - genus egeria
genus egretta - genus erysiphe
genus erythrina - genus fuscoboletinus
genus gadus - genus goodyera
genus gopherus - genus heliothis
genus helipterum - genus hygrocybe
genus hygrophorus - genus keteleeria
genus khaya - genus lepidothamnus
genus lepiota - genus lucilia
genus lufengpithecus - genus manihot
genus manilkara - genus micropterus
genus microsorium - genus myrmecobius
genus myrmecophaga - genus nuphar
genus nuytsia - genus osmunda
genus ostrea - genus pelecanus
genus pellaea - genus pholiota
genus pholis - genus platanus
genus platichthys - genus pothos
genus potorous - genus pyralis
genus pyrausta - genus rupicapra
genus rupicola - genus schefflera
genus schinus - genus silurus
genus silvia - genus stellaria
genus stenocarpus - genus taraktogenos
genus taraxacum - genus tragelaphus
genus tragopan - genus urosaurus
genus ursinia - genus xylosma